LBSCI 700 Wiki Page

Welcome to the Wiki page for LBSCI 700 The Technology of Information!

This page will provide you with more information about the course for Fall 2023 :-)

For Week 12 Lab, you are asked to create a Wiki page including the following:

  1. Your last name as the page title
  2. Your brief bio (containing some tex in bold and some in italics)
  3. A bulleted list
  4. A numbered list
  5. A table with headers
  6. A link to an external website
  7. A link to the class homepage (this page)

Please add a link to your Wiki page below:

Shuheng Wu

Lee Jutton

Deanna Barbarito

Christina Piazza

Noshin Azimi

Justin Kenny

Cassidy Oliver

Eric Lopez

Juliane Edler

Trudy Delaney

Trever Polk

Jacqueline Fuentes

Noa Danesh

Edison Weinstein

Zachary Volpendesta

Michelle Kim

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